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The reporting solutions in this book can be directly used in a variety of real-world scenarios to provide answers to your business problems today. In the Toolbox pane, locate the Block icon and drag it past the report header block so that it creates a text block just below the header.

How do I create a fiscal year filter for a report in Cognos 4

Expand the displayed packed to locate the field being filtered on. Run the report And you get codes and names on the report To add other attributes the process is the same. Deselect Maximize width so it is not checked Click OK — a small, 2 column 1 row table should now appear in the block In the Toolbox pane, locate the Text Item icon, and drag it into the space inside the first column of the table.

If you would prefer a Descending sort order, double click on the arrow. Insert a filter, add descriptive text to the expression surrounded by a repetitive separator, and then set it to Disabled. Number of columns should equal 2 and Number of rows should equal 1.

Cognos - Report Studio

Adding comments in this nature can be used to document specific calculations, or to add descriptions or background information to specific items. It offers two different modes: Value prompts should be created on a prompt page. When exporting a single page report in excel where does the user friendly name of the excel sheet come from?

Documentation Tips for Report Studio

Since Cognos does not recommend using relational style filters against OLAP data sources, I decided to show you a few techniques for working with Slicers.

Practical Examples will help you find the answers to specific questions based on your data and your business model. This book provides that advanced know how.

IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio: Practical Examples

Instead, create a calculated measure and then use the measure in a filter function to suppress zeros. Cross joins combine two sets of dimension members into one set.


A simple unfiltered report: In the Sort List, notice the arrow displayed between the field icon and field name. How many levels of a hierarchy can be expanded in Cognos Workspace using the triangle showed? Using practical examples based on years of teaching experiences as IBM Cognos instructors, the authors provide you with examples of typical advanced reporting designs and complex queries in reports.

Click on the filter you wish to delete and press Delete. Document information More support for: However, the purpose of business analytics is to provide reliable, clear, and timely information that allow users to make data-driven decisions.

Well good news because it is easy to work with attributes in report studio or workspace advanced. Documenting Filters Filters can be grouped using disabled filters.

You can also create shortcuts, URLs and pages. The smaller the number of elements on each crosstab edge, the better performance will be. If you are working with very large amounts of data, you might want all information returned except for a couple of specific selections.Cognos Report Studio: Performance in Multidimensional Reporting.

However, the purpose of business analytics is to provide reliable, clear, and timely information that allow users to make data-driven decisions.

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therefore even result sets that are not necessarily in the report still need to be created. Filter functions and slicers should. Resources / Tech Tips / IBM Cognos Report Studio Tip: Using Query Macros for Prompted Multiple Operator Selection. We will be using the prompt macro in the expression of a parameterized filter in the report.

The expression will essentially contain two parameters; one for the operator prompt and one for the prompt of the data item. Erin Dunmire Business Analytics Specialist John Daniel Associates, Inc. Erin’s Profile. Report Studio Documentation. Have you ever opened an existing report in Report Studio and blundered through the many components of the layout and queries wondering where the best place is to start trying to understand how it all comes together to form.

Sep 29,  · Create Summary And Detail Filter Using IBM cognos 10 Report Studio. Perceptive Software ImageNow Business Insight Report Authoring Getting Started Guide Page 4 of 59 Overview Perceptive Software introduces Business Insight, which includes the authoring tools Query Studio and.

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Business report studio filter
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