Direction writing alibata numbers

All numeric characters like fractions and Roman numerals end up with the type "Numeric". Casing[ edit ] The Case value is Normative in Unicode. Two character properties are relevant direction writing alibata numbers determining a mirror image of a glyph in bidirectional text: These are invisible formatting control characters, only used by the algorithm and with no effect outside of bidirectional formatting.

Other digits, like superscripts, have numeric type Digit. To control more complex Bidi situations, e. Only characters that are part of a contiguous encoded range It pertains to those scripts with uppercase aka capital, majuscule and the lowercase aka small, minuscule letters.

For example, brackets " " are mirrored this way. They have a numeric value that can be decimal, including zero and negatives, or a vulgar fraction. Latin letters can be used in paragraph numbering like "II. Shaping cursive scripts such as Arabic, and mirroring glyphs that have a direction, is not part of the algorithm.

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Nine of them have a unique, overruling BiDi-type that is used by the algorithm. They are invisible, and have no effect apart from directionality. Basically, the algorithm determines a sequence of characters with the same strong direction type R-to-L or L-to-Rtaking in account an overruling by the special Bidi-controls.

On the other hand, characters that could have a numeric value as a second meaning are still marked Numeric type "None", and have no numeric value "". The characters that do have a numeric value are separated in three groups: If there is not such a value, as with most of the characters, the numeric type is "None".

Number strings Weak types are assigned a direction according to their strong environment, as are Neutral characters. Seventy-three CJK Ideographs that represent a number, including those used for accounting, are typed Numeric.

In normal situations, the algorithm can determine the direction of a text by this character property. Their type is also their acronym e.

Unicode character property

The intended effect is that a simple parser can use these decimal numeric values, without being distracted by say a numeric superscript or a fraction.The Unicode Standard assigns character properties to each code point. These properties can be used to handle "characters" (code points) in processes, like in line-breaking, script direction right-to-left or applying controls.

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Direction writing alibata numbers
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