How to make tissue paper streamers

Tape them to your two donkey pieces to make him 3-D.

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Whatever you like better. The bottom of the fish is toward the left. There are also multiple ways to poof out the tissue. However, you can also use one or two colors and get the same great effect. Take your glue stick and glue across the top in the center of the uncut part.

Attach the other pieces just like the first one. Using a brush, lightly dab the mixture onto your flower. Many of you emailed me and asked how I made this felt rosette kissing ball. You can find them many places in many colors. Wind several times around the back of the flower, and secure with scotch tape.

Or for the step-by-step photo instructions, continue reading below. One more tip that might save your sanity too…. You can use thumb tacks or double sided tape.

And sewed them up! Only the uncut spine of the crepe paper should be glued on; the fringe lays on top of the layers that came before it, so the fringes never touch the glue. Draw some eyes on paper and tape them on.

As you continue to sew and pull streamers from the roll, do not pull them up in a spiral or the streamers will constantly be twisted. Tissue Paper Streamers P. Fluff out the fan to form a sort of "flower" on the end.

PVC is flame resistant and the coatings used are colorfast.LIBERTIE Pack of 6, Hanging Garland Four-Leaf Tissue Paper Flower Garland Reusable Party Streamers for Party Wedding Decorations, Feet/M Each (BLUE SET 6PC).

DIY Bulletin Board Borders Are you tired of those same old boring store-bought bulletin board borders? Time to get creative and make your own! Break out your tissue paper, it's time to get crafty. Items to Gather: tissue paper of various colors; stapler; Instructions. Follow this easy tutorial and learn how to make tissue flowers.

Then use those flowers to make some fun kissing balls. First off you will need a couple of rolls of tissue paper streamers.

Tissue Rosette Kissing Balls

You can find them many places in many colors. Mine were $1 each. Tissue Rosette “Kissing” Balls {The Idea Room} I can think of so many uses for. Cheerleaders use pom-poms to emphasize their words, draw the attention of spectators and add to the overall effect of their movements.

When you purchase a set of pom-poms, they are commonly made out of plastic; however, you can make your own out of crepe paper streamers instead. These pom-poms do not last as long, but making your own allows you to fully customize them to match the colors you.

Shop Party Tissue Streamers, Set of 3. Tissue paper streamers in cream, silver and gold twist and drape from the ceiling to create an enchanting party atmosphere.


Tissue Paper Streamers

Our crepe paper streamers are Made in the USA and are high quality, bleed resistant, and flame resistant, unlike the others out there that tear easily and are flimsy! These come in assorted colors and make such a huge impact in presentation, with minimal cost!

You can hang.

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How to make tissue paper streamers
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