Impact of e banking on banking business

The outcome of this study will be of immense benefit to the management of GTB Bank Nigeria Plc, since it will help identify most of the challenges faced by the banks as well as the complains table by the customers.

One of the most important of these services is the electronic services that have contributed significantly to increase the distance between costumers and the bank Almazari and Siam, Identify the benefits to customers for using e- banking services.

They studied the impact of service quality factors of Internet Banking on customer satisfaction in Iran. These findings indicate that internet banking users are mostly young males and are mostly individuals with a good level of educational attainment.

Hence, service quality was taken up by the research scholars specifically in terms of the e-services which lead to the development of various models that helped in measuring e-service quality in the services sector.

Efficiency has a significant positive association with on Customer Satisfaction H2: Oliver defined customer satisfaction as a judgment that a product or service feature, or the product or service itself, provide or is providing a pleasurable level of consumption related fulfilment, including levels of under or over fulfilment.

Has the introduction of e-banking significantly affected service delivery of Guaranty Trust Bank Nig Plc? Internet Banking will continue to revolutionize the current traditional banking industry and offer more opportunity to meet better consumer services through enhanced interaction, data mining and customization in the Internet Banking services concludes.

Communication and personalization were identified as another two significant service quality dimensions in internet banking. The services offered being the most important factor in driving internet banking satisfaction.

The Effects of Online Banking

At most cases I had to ask respondents questions in local dialect 1. I recommend ProjectClue for any project research work. Solutions will then be proffered on theses identified challenges.

Faraz Hussain from University of Abuja said "This is a great help for those who seek education. Service quality has been recognized as a dominant factor in keeping competitive advantage and sustaining satisfying relationships with customers.

Many researchers have tried to use the conventional e-service quality models for the measurement of service quality in internet banking. Therefore, Gartner concluded that banks now regard Internet as an equally important channel as the traditional channels of branches, automated teller machines ATMtelephone banking and call centers.

According to Kalakota and Whinston, online banking was first introduced in the early s in which consumers were provided with an application software program that operates on personal computer PC which could be dialled into the bank via a modem, telephone line and operated the programs remotely on the consumer PC.

Based on the study problem, this study aims to test the following hypotheses: However, due to the lack of Internet users, and costs associated with using online banking, the growth of internet banking experienced a setback.In addition, Berger () revealed that industry analysis outlining the potential impact of e-banking on cost savings, revenue growth and risk profile of the banks have also generated considerable interest and speculation about the impact of the e-banking industry on traditional bank.

IMPACT OF ELECTRONIC BANKING ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Background of the study The rapid changes in business operations in contemporary times in the form of technological improvement require banks in Nigeria.

Impact of Internet Banking Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction

This study presents what impact electronic banking has on customer satisfaction in comparing with traditional brick and mortar banking service, its relationship with that of age, occupation and education, its impact on branch visits, the level of customer understanding about e-banking and the.

What is the Impact of technology in banking? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 7 Answers. Anidhya Bhatnagar, What is the impact of technology on business?

What is new technology in banking? What impact has technology had on your job? What impacts will technology have on management? This research work intends to investigate the impact of E-banking variables on customer satisfaction in Pakistan.

The Impact of E-Banking on Customer Satisfaction: Evidence from Banking Sector. The Impact of Internet Banking on Bank Performance and Risk: The Indian Experience the study on the impact of e-banking and performance of Jordanian banks revealed a negative relationship.

Impact of e banking on banking business
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