Incarceration of african american males essay

It is purported that the criminal justice system has become a tool used to maintain the economic and social hierarchy within the United States based on the subjugation of blacks.

Where Do We Go from Here? Mass Incarceration and the Struggle for Civil Rights

In fact, there are more African American men incarcerated in the U. Let me give a bit of context for this discussion. In order to undo the damage that has been done, and in order to move beyond our racial past, we must as a nation reeducate ourselves about race; and then, as a society, commit to investing in social programs targeted toward at-risk youth.

The disproportionate imprisonment of African Americans that ensued resulted from the link between perceptions of race and crime, and the subconscious desire to maintain the American economic social structure, which places blacks at the bottom and whites at the top. Public policy, criminal justice actors, society and the media, and criminal behavior have all played roles in creating what sociologist Loic Wacquant calls the hyperincarceration of black men.

So in the end the contrasting of college enrollment vs.

The Black Male Incarceration Problem Is Real and It's Catastrophic

These tough-on-crime laws, which applied to all Americans, could be maintained only because of the dual legal system developed from the legacy of racism in the United States. The author appears to believe through proving this assertion about prison and education ratios to be inaccurate either a point of great progress can be demonstrated, or an overstatement of calamity about the state of African American men can be corrected.

The piece is titled "The myth that there are more black men in prison than in college, debunked in one chart". Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

It is more important to look Incarceration of african american males essay these rates and be honest about the advantaged, and disadvantaged. We must also ensure diversity in criminal justice professionals in order to achieve the economic equality that King fought for prior to his death.

Davis ; Crenshaw ; Wacquant It is well documented that the U. The powerful never lose opportunities — they remain available to them. In essence, tying crime to observable characteristics such as race or religious affiliation allowed the majority in society to pass tough-on-crime policies without having to bear the full burden of these policies, permitting these laws to be sustained over time.

At the same time, many communities attempted to benefit economically from mass incarceration by using prisons as a strategy for economic growth, making the incarceration system eerily similar to the system of slavery.

To give a more appropriate contrast than just black men in college and black men incarcerated, lets look at the debated education vs incarceration reality for white women and black men comparatively. Press release Executive Summary On the surface, crime and punishment appear to be unsophisticated matters.

The practical cost of change for the nation up to this point has been cheap. In other words, society chose to use incarceration as a welfare program to deal with the poor, especially since the underprivileged are disproportionately people of color. For most in our country this in fact holds true, but for black men the two numbers are in fact close and that is the inescapable problem.

After all, there are always exceptions to every rule.

How did we get here? However, King intuitively understood that there could be no social justice without economic justice because the persistence of economic inequality e. While it is part of an analysis, only by applying it with more depth can we see a fuller and more accurate picture.

Public policy Rate of imprisonment in state or federal correctional facilities, — Year. Referencing the same article above "The Census estimates that approximately 18, people in the U. Today in the United States there are approximately 18 million black men, and nearly million women of all races.

In the remainder of this essay I will discuss the roles that public policy, criminal justice actors, society and the media, and criminal behavior have played in creating what sociologist Loic Wacquant calls the hyperincarceration of black men.

But there are solutions to rectify this problem. I will then discuss possible solutions to rectify this problem.

The limited reforms have been obtained at bargain rates. Davis ; Gould ; Wacquant For black men the numbers are as listed above, there are about 1. There are no expenses, and no taxes are required, for Negroes to share lunch counters, libraries, parks, hotels and other facilities with whites.

Between anda period during which overall and violent crime rates tripled in Germany, Finland, and the United States, German politicians chose to hold the imprisonment rate flat, Finnish politicians chose to substantially reduce theirs, and American politicians generally enacted policies that sent more people to prison, along with lengthened prison terms.

Growing racial tension allowed for tough on crime policies as major agenda items in election campaigns that would later pave the way for policies that led to the mass incarceration of mostly black men Tonry ; Loury ; Western and Wildeman ; Raphael and Stoll The United States has a dual criminal justice system that has helped to maintain the economic and social hierarchy in America, based on the subjugation of blacks, within the United States.The Effects of Incarceration Discrimination in the United States for African American Men - Underachievement, lack of inclusion, and backward progression within society is a trend that engulfs African American men constantly in the American society.

There. The Black Male Incarceration Problem Is Real and It's Catastrophic or an overstatement of calamity about the state of African American men can be corrected. First-person essays, features. While these overall rates of incarceration are all at record high, they fail to reflect the concentrated impact of incarceration among young African American males in particular, men who reside in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

HIV Infections in African American Males Essay Words | 6 Pages. HIV infections in African American Males have been a national growing problem since the early ’s. According to CDC, in the United States, there are more than 1 million people living with HIV.

48 percent are afro American males between the ages (CDC, ). “The Effects of Male Incarceration Dynamics on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Infection Rates among African American Women and Men.” Journal of Law. Black Americans incarcerated five times more than white people – report Among black men in 11 states, at least 1 in 20 were in a state prison.

which is % black, had the lowest.

Incarceration of african american males essay
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