Inventory management for pran mango juice

Can influence consumers very strongly at the POP when price comparison is made. AMCL undertake a number of promotional activities and marketing strategies attract the customers and to eased contribute to established a strong brand image on reproductive beverage service.

It can be inferred that promotions were not leading to negative brand quality perceptions. Advertising activities will stress brand differences and benefits. February In the beginning of the February we will arrange a meeting with our dealers.

In this stage, both sales and profits of our product are expected to rise rapidly. We will also phase out weak items that are unprofitable. Studies have consistently reported high sales effects and high price elasticity of brands which are on promotion.

Then we will look for strategic control for the long-run. Extra discount AMCL has corporate agreement with some renowned hotels, restaurants, bars, fast food, shops etc. Growing number of both customers and competitors are expected in this stage. Retailer had relatively very low influence in affecting choice.

We want to distribute our products by employing distributors in every district. If any deviation occurs we will try to fix it instantly and will recover the mishap for ensuring smooth production and sales simultaneously.

This indicates that consumers believed that companies were undertaking such activities only for their own benefit and not for the benefit of consumers. In fact these retailers preferred to stock variety of brands and wanted payment for shelf and window display to increase traffic into their store.

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Purchase acceleration was more likely to be exhibited in increased purchase quantity than in shortened inter purchase times. Distributors have to give that order with in a specific time period.

It is effective for consumers who are very price sensitive. A Combination of Two Strategies: We will also arrange special trade terms for retailers that place volume orders.

While it was traditionally assumed that consumption rates remain fixed during and after a promotion, but from this project I came to know that promotions also have a primary demand expansion effect. Our marketing objectives will be creating product awareness and trial.

We will also investigate distribution through our channel partners. This clearly indicated the disparity in treatment.

Very effective for food products. Now some of the promotional activities we briefly discussed below Promotion is the direct inducement that offers an extra value or incentive for the product to the sales force, distributors or the ultimate consumers with the primary objective of creating an immediate sale.

For example, a dealer or retailer may get 2 bottles free with every case. We will set the price to match or beat competitors. They are given as bellow: Reducing price of the brand for a short duration.For collecting primary data we have visited PRAN mango juice factory and office.

Interviewed, observation was the method of collecting data. We should design a logistics system to minimize our cost. Our main logistics functions include warehousing, inventory management, transportation, and logistics information management.

We will maintain. Management Function in Pran. Subject: Submission of report on “Management Function of PRAN”. process control and monitoring • maintenance of plant and equipment • control of inventory • Deciding the best production methods and factory layout.

The Sales & Marketing function • The. This paper includes marketing mix, Sales promotional activities about Pran mango juice and present situation of the company. Limitation Because of the lacking of sufficient data and keeping the information secret by the company, we have not been enabled to cover all the parts very clearly and perfectly.

Strategic Human Resources Management in Bangladeshi local company PRAN PRAN Premium Mango Juice PRAN Juice (Premium) PRAN Apple Nectar Documents Similar To Pran Foods (Marketing Plan) Assingment on Pranpran.

Uploaded by. costabright. Marketing Report PRAN.3/5(2). Pran Rfl Company. PRAN GROUP Report on HR Department EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PRAN group of companies is one of the leading business institutes of have prepared report based on Practices of SHRM of Pran Food &Beverage.

Subject: Submission of report on “Management Function of PRAN”. The PRAN mango juice company is a very. Acme Juice Pran Juice Frooto Juice Frutica Juice Competitors Position Shezan Juice Acme Pran Frooto Frutica Shezan Slice Slice Juice 8% 7% 12% 18% 30% 25% 7 8.

Now, we give a brief analysis about our competitor‟s market share.

Inventory management for pran mango juice
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