Islamic religion practice essay

For example Islam commands Muslims to lower their eyes when they are talking to people of opposite gender out of respect and honor for the others. Muslimthe word for an adherent of Islam, is the active participle of the same verb form, and means "submitter" or "one who surrenders".

Moreover, he lives with the assurance that whatever is to come to any individual, including death, cannot fail to come at its appointed time. Such belief gives a person a tremendous degree of inner certainty, confidence and peace of heart, especially in the face of afflictions. Belief in Yawm al-Qiyama Day of Judgement Muslims believe that the Islamic religion practice essay of this world and all that is in it will come to an end on one appointed day, when everything will be annihilated.

Unlawful clothing and adornment: Sometimes a conduct of certain people can be offensive to others and vice versa in spite of the fact that this conduct is not meant to offend others.

If non-Muslims are living peacefully or even indifferently with the Muslims, there can be no grounds or justification to declare war on them or to begin hostilities, embark on any act of aggression, or violate their rights.

Islam Beliefs and Practices

In Islam, God is beyond all comprehension and thus Muslims are not expected to visualise or anthropomorphise him. Angels in Islam Muhammad receiving his first revelation from the angel Gabriel. These books originated from the same divine source; they are all divine revelations.

In Islam, every being is entitled to enjoy a free and peaceful life, regardless of religious, geographical or racial considerations. Sometimes culture and traditions interfere with religion, or even overshadow the religion. Belief in angels is fundamental to the faith of Islam.

Muslims believe that prophets are human and not divine, though some are able to perform miracles to prove their claim. Also the beliefs and practices of Muslims should not be judged according to the beliefs and the laws of other religions since some lawful practices of one religion can be portrayed by other religion as unlawful or even wrong.

The Quran mentions the names of numerous figures considered prophets in Islamincluding AdamNoahAbrahamMoses and Jesusamong others. Hajj Pilgrimage Shahada Creed The verbal commitment and pledge that there is no deity but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

In some verses, there is stress on the quality of Islam as an internal spiritual state: To live in peace and harmony in this world, one should realize that people were created differently and vary in the colors of their skin, their languages, and in their religions, cultures, and traditions.

Fasting is total abstinence from eating, drinking, smoking, gum chewing, intimate relations, and taking anything into the body.

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Muslims are strongly encouraged to pray in the masjid, but if that is beyond their ability, they can pray anywhere that is clean; Muslims do not make Salah in a bathroom.Islam,religion, - The Practice of Islam.

Islam: The Rich Culture of the Middle East Essay - With billion followers worldwide, the religion of Islam is the second most popular religion over the entire globe, and follows a strict set of rules derived from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, a messenger of God, or Allah.

Islam is the second most popular religion in the world. There were about billion Muslims in the world inaccording to Pew Research. Muslims constituted about 23% of all people on Earth. The fundamental aspect of Islamic art is that it is devoid of illustrations of living beings, especially humans according to the teachings of Islam, since it is forbidden in religion to paint or draw portraits of animate beings.

Islam is the second largest religion after Christianity in many European countries, and is slowly catching up to that status in the Americas, with between 2,, according to Pew Forum, and approximately 7 million Muslims, according to the Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR), in the United States.

- Islamic Religion Islam has been characterized inequitably by historians and the media as a religion of violence. Islam was mainly spread through Arab territorial conquests.

Upon examination, it is not fair to make the generalization that Islam is a religion of violence. The religion of Islam guarantees the sanctity of life (the life of a non-Muslim is considered as sacred as that of a Muslim), honor, property, and freedom to embrace and practice any religion they freely choose, and all other conducts as long as .

Islamic religion practice essay
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