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This method helped teachers to make children learn, help them understand the world surrounding them.

Learning and communicating online

Besides, this method requires some preparations for a teacher, and hard work for a student. New ways of learning are now available, and improved access is one of the most learning and communicating online essay typer benefits available.

Our group needed more communication around our presentation formatting and I provided some feedback to the members in our group about this using the positive, negative, positive approach. To conclude, this course has allowed me to explore and learn about my role in being a consumer, sharer and producer of knowledge in an online environment.

Identify some of the advantages and limitations of working collaboratively in an online community and reflect on how you might exploit advantages and overcome the limitations. Nowadays more and more online universities appear where such method of teaching students is widely used.

Reflection helps students to look critically at their own behavior and successes. I also learnt the advantages and limitations of working collaboratively in an online community and that learning in a socially engaging environment can help us learn better.

I learnt that online presentation tools and informational sources can showcase your content in a more creative and engaging way which improves accessibility by providing flexibility over presentation forms and spaces Picardo Besides, this research will contain some recommendations for the teachers, namely how to make the reflection method more effective and how to implement it correct into the process of teaching.

I used Prezi during this course to showcase our group presentation and learned that you can import video, images, music and links and create written content using Prezi. Currently there are many organisations, campaigns and initiatives that are working to expand access to higher education.

Social loafing occurs when nothing gets done because everyone thinks someone else will do the job Giles, G I learnt the importance of using credible sources and a variety of sources in order to add value to research.

Flexibility is certainly one of the most important benefits, but just as important is educational access. Tuesday, 3 June Learning and Communicating Online: Limited Time Offer your first order - It helps a student to identify potential areas of personal improvement.

With the development of the Internet and appearing of the online universities, this method became widely used in the online studying. What factors do you think contributed to the level of success your team achieved? Thus, some students may disagree to write there their own feelings, but write in the diaries fake emotions.

Evidence shows that there are certain groups of students that benefit from college distance learning much more than other groups. I learnt that Learning requires feedback Senge and I felt that it was important to contribute constructive feedback and suggestions to the rest of the team on the final Prezi once we had all submitted our presentations.

In practice, students have to cope with new problems, which are not described in the theory part, that is why they should reflect new information and find the ways to cope with it.

Argumentative Essay: Online Learning and Educational Access

Structure of essay including introduction, discussion of key points and conclusion. Out of the resources I used during the first assessment, I learned that Wikipedia, YouTube and the Holden website were credible sources; however Reddit and the MyLink Forum were not credible sources for accurate information in regards to my topic.

Some terms that are used in this paper need to be explained. Whereas before, formal academic qualifications could only be gained by participating in a full time course on site, the internet has allowed institutions to expand their reach and offer recognized courses on a contact-partial, or totally virtual, basis.

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To understand this phenomenon many researches were made. Online learning is giving people new choices and newfound flexibility with their personal learning and development.

Provide specific examples from your experience to illustrate these factors words. Evaluating the credibility of online sources. The second biggest argument is the current reality that faces many people from disadvantaged backgrounds, despite the improvements made in this area in recent years — they do not have the level of basic access needed to benefit from online learning.

The reflection method in studying is not new. During this exercise I realised how easy it was to provide feedback to the members of my online group and that working collaboratively in an online community has some great advantages. Based on your experience in this course, discuss what you have learnt about finding, using and evaluating online sources for academic communication.

It was implemented in the last century, but only in kindergartens and primary school.Order Description.

Learning and Communicating Online

Assessment 3: Reflective essay Word limit: words (+/- 10%) Weighting: 40% Assessment overview This assessment task requires you to write a reflective essay on the topic below, in words. Discuss how your ideas of using online sources of information have developed during the course and provide examples to demonstrate.

Discuss how the development of an informational resource, or your work in the discussion board, has helped you understand how to evaluate the credibility of online sources in an academic environment.

com learning and communicating online,think about how your team worked together in preparing the presentation and consider what rating you would give the team out of 10 10 being the highest level/5(14K).

Learning and Communicating Online: Reflective Essay In this blog, I will reflect on what I’ve learnt in the course ‘ Learning and Communicating Online’ and in particular, I’ll discuss what I have learnt about finding, using and.

- Online Learning and Adult Learner Adults are taking a more preferred method of education by taking online classes versus face-to-face traditional classes, which to most is a more affordable means.

The balance of family and work is a very important factor when adding college courses to your daily routine. Online Learning Online learning (electronic- learning) is a term that encompasses all forms of Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) or very specific types of TEL such as online or web-based learning.

Learning and communicating online essay typer
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