List the fish and invertebrates you

If one is not found they will make do with substitutes from a variety of corals. They are a type of anemone shrimp that are normally found in association with anemones in the wild.

Our favorite choices are Selcon or Vita Chem. Adding a refugium to your system will once established, provide an excellent source of live food. The sexy shrimp is a social creature that does well in groups. Mushrooms, Green star polyps, clove polyps are good candidates for a substitute host.

Generally any kind of sinking pellet will do Recommended minimum tank size: The tail is bright red with blue edging. They do well with pygmy angels.

It is called the sexy shrimp due to the way it is constantly twirling its body even when stationary. Like the Fire shrimp and the Cleaner Shrimp, the Sexy shrimp are commonly found throughout the Indo-Pacific where they are collected in large numbers for the trade. You can supplement its diet with live copepods from AlgaGen called Tisbe Copepods.

The tiny Sexy Shrimp has enjoyed good popularity among marine hobbyists throughout the years. Tank mate selection is important. Upon introduction and acclimation, they will seek out an anemone host.


They are also relatively cheap as a result, making them very accessible to all saltwater tank enthusiasts. The minimum tank requirement is generally stated as 29 gallon with 50lbs or more of live rock. It has arguably the most attractive coloration and pattern of any commonly kept reef fish.

Though there may be some infighting now and again. Difficult to keep in the home aquarium because they are picky eaters thus they should be reserved for the experienced aquarists only.

Mandarins help to prevent brown flatworm infestations, which can be trouble for some reef aquariums.

Very small, they are well suited to nano and even pico aquariums. Any aquarium diets for carnivores is fine, we feed small pieces of seafood such as mussel, daphnia, brine shrimp, bloodworms, or other meaty foods. This is based on feeding requirements and not space requirements as the Mandarin is a very slow, docile fish.

Due to their small size, they are easily harrased and consumed by larger fish. Curiously named Thor Amboinensis despite their size.Saltwater Fish Sale, Live Coral and Invertebrates For Sale Too! Alaska Department of Fish and Game P.O.

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List the fish and invertebrates you
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