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It applies to projects which are likely to have significant effects on the environment because of their nature, size or location.

Strategic Environmental Assessment or SEA is a way of assessing and monitoring the likely effects positive and negative of plans, programmes and strategies on the environment. It also makes the decision makers more aware of the predicted effects of the proposed project before granting consent for development.

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Who is responsible for doing an EIA? Such assessments help to enable informed and transparent decision-making for the benefit of plan makers and the wider community in Wales. Links to the various new EIA Regulations are listed at the bottom of this page, which you should consider before consulting us.

There is a written guide which sits alongside the Evidence Directory and the maps, which explains how to use them to develop a business case for implementing working with natural processes to reduce flood risk. To ensure that significant damage to protected sites is avoided.

Where to find out more about this? It is similar to EIA, but applies at the level of the plan natural resources wales business plan strategy eg Local Development Plan, or Transport Strategy which sets the direction for future development projects. The Well-being of Future Generations Act encourages such a long-term approach and, our Well-being Objectives are deliberately long-term and cannot be achieved in the timespan of the current Corporate Plan Developing Area Statements co-productively with our staff and stakeholders in readiness for their publication.

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An open access constraints dataset is provided to show where potential is restricted. Also in this section. The developer submits the EIA report along with the proposal to the decision makers eg the local planning authority if planning permission is neededand the decision makers consider the EIA along with the plan when deciding whether to grant consent.

This allows the developer to consider and develop means to avoid, reduce or remedy any adverse environmental effects. All Welsh public bodies, and businesses acting in the public sector.

Plan-makers and project proponents, and public bodies responsible for granting any sort of permission of licence Where to find out more about this?

SEA can be incorporated into a broader assessment known as a Sustainability appraisal. Starting with involving our stakeholders, internally and externally, we have considered how we can collaborate with our partners and integrate our objectives with others and across the Well-being Goals.

EIA is a process for identifying the positive and negative environmental effects of proposed developments. They will form the basis of all our work in each Area, are fundamental to informing public service delivery, and will provide opportunities for everyone to act.

Natural Resources Wales

To address the opportunities for managing natural resources sustainably so that wellbeing can be increased, and in adopting the principles of sustainable management of natural resources to the way we work, we have developed our first set of Well-being Objectives. The Business Plan is a step in developing a new way of working; planning and collaboratively aiming for common goals following 2 key pieces of legislation namely The Well-being of Future Generations Wales Act and The Environment Wales Act It forms the second year of our Corporate Plan to The maps identify potential areas for the following measures: These changes affect our various roles under the EIA framework as an advisor, regulator, land-manager, and project proponent.

How to access the maps The mapping layers have been produced using open access data. There will be seven Area Statements covering six regional areas of Wales and one for the marine environment Continuing to embed the Well-being of Future Generations Act and our purpose — the sustainable management of natural resources — across all our work.

Who is responsible for doing an SEA? These webpages aim to explain briefly: Working with others to develop a shared long-term vision for the natural environment of Wales toand how we measure progress towards it.Natural Resources Wales (Welsh: Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru) is a Welsh Government sponsored body, which became operational from 1 Aprilwhen it took over the management of the natural resources of Wales.

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Natural resources cover much more than the “environment”.

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They supply everything from the air we breathe to the food we eat; from the land we develop to the water we use to cool our heavy industry. Natural Resources Wales manages the Welsh public forest estate on behalf of Welsh Government.

Forest operations are carried out sustainably under the Forestry Stewardship Council Certification Scheme. Corporate plan Wellbeing objectives - As Natural Resources Wales we are proud to be leading the way to a better future for Wales by managing the environment and natural resources of Wales sustainably.

Natural Resources Wales April – September (6 months) Cardiff Leading a team of continuous improvement practitioners working across the business on Title: Head of Corporate Planning and .

Natural resources wales business plan
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