Problems of working women

If you are tired and stressed out and underpaid, happiness is at best an illusion. This change can only fully occur when we change the attitudes of every individual toward women.

Women who do not take on this role are still thought of as selfish. If women work harder, at home and in the office, they are more tired and more stressed out. Women on the way up the corporate ladder discover Problems of working women they must be much better than their male colleagues to reach the top.

It means that women can work outside the home, but still be second-class citizens. Trade Unions do little to ameliorate the lot of women workers.

Discrimination can be an uncomfortable situation for the women involved. Though Indian women are far more independent and aware of their legal rights, such as right to work, equal treatment, property and maintenance, a majority of women remain unaware of these rights.

Indian women are caught between a rock and a hard place. But in most families even now her salary is handed over to father, husband or in-laws. Rajinderpal Kaur Sidhu, Reader and Dr.

Problems Faced by Working Women

However, the ambiguity was cleared by a significant decision in Bhagwan v. One thing that is clear is that women in all careers are striving to gain equality in the work force today.

But it is still difficult for women as she has to play multiple roles of a cook, a family maid, a tutor, a nurse as well as cater to the demands of office work.

Discrimination at Workplace However, Indian women still face blatant discrimination at their workplaces. Whose Problem Is It? For a company or the nation, what would be the impact if half the workforce assuming housework is work, if unpaid had the time to spend on learning and development?

Because women were viewed as homemakers they were often given jobs that were meaningless, and they were not thought of as managers or professionals. Like a woman is only worth the value of her family ties.

This is the new generation of women, who wants to pursue their dream career. More conflict arises with the working mother. Initially, it was believed that a working woman in India is not entitled to claim maintenance, as she is capable of maintaining herself.

Indirect discrimination might be a women being overlooked for a promotion, or an employee displaying inappropriate sexual material in the workplace.

Remedies are needed to secure a fair and equal role in the workplace. It is an open truth that working women have to face problems just by virtue of their being a woman.WORKING WOMEN: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS Cornell/NYSSILR Trade Union Women1s Studies Six sessions exploring concerns of women: I.

Women as workers. II.

The problem of old age in India

Women at work, in paid employment — occupations and earnings. III. Legislation and contract issues. IV. Women's participation in the trade union movement. V. Women's position in a tight economy. VI.

The Double Burden: Whose Problem Is It?

problems faced by working women in india: 1. Mental harassment: It is an age old convention that women are less capable and inefficient in working as compared to men. The attitude which considers women unfit for certain jobs holds back women.

Women's studies centre, Punjabi University, Patiala. Website by Nishu Sharma, [email protected] Research activities on issues concerning Women and children, academic and social they are to change the present attitude and values in society regarding women's roles and rights in one of equal participation in all social, economics and political processes.

Problems of Working Women Acceptance As Working Professionals Most Indian men are yet to come to terms with the fact that women are also capable of working with them, shoulder to shoulder, in any field or professional sphere.

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The status of Indian women has undergone considerable change.

Problems of working women
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