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Ask for their opinions on the system requirement and then involve them in system demonstrations. This is to ensure that the system can be implementing successfully.

In our group opinion, when a team has difference of opinion to resolve this conflict requires a lot of respect and patience from both side. The most important for them to deal with is the resistance of staff to change. Tangible benefits are benefit which can be measured in dollar. This is due to an information system may affect the distribution of information within the organization, and thus the distribution of power, the construction of an IS can have political ramifications.

Although the initial investment is huge and it is Sap on atlam for ATLAM to bear the SAP implementation costs, but it gives a lot of cost saving in term of accountant time and efficiency cost, technical expertise cost saving and, process and procedures cost savings as well for long-term period.

Zulkifli need to resolve the conflict in good manner. In addition, the risk assessment to access technical risk level of SAP system will be based on the following: So, for implementing the new system that is SAP is requires a system analyst, evaluate a wide range of factors.

The goal of this study is to understand the degree to which the proposed system will likely solve the problem or take advantage for the opportunities outlined in the system service request or project identification study. It only takes 5 days and same with training employee task.

Last but not least is in preventing conflict, the teams can be used such skill and behaviour that very work on, such as dealing with conflict immediately, being open, practicing clear communication, practicing active listening, not letting conflict get personal, encouraging different points of view, not looking for blame, demonstrating respect, as well as keeping team issues within the team.

A new or renovated IS which is SAP allow complex segmental reporting, provision for integration of data, system maintenance and support were possible, audit points raised during procurement process might be resolved with provision of Materials Management Module.

Most reasons are their lack of information about SAP system and also lack of knowledge about this system. Zulkifli become autocratic, so even decision by Zulkifli was wrong, no people will speak out. Then they do not even have the space available to house the system, some of the employee in ATLAM have never used a Personal Computer before and lack of the knowledge about information technology.

Schedule feasibility Schedule feasibility is consider the likelihood that all potential time frames and completion date schedule can be met and that meeting these date will be sufficient for dealing with the needs of the organization.

This technique focuses on cash flows rather than profits. Political feasibility Political feasibility is about understanding how key stakeholders within the organization view the proposed system. Hence, we can conclude that it is feasible to carry on the implementation of SAP system in ATLAM as the benefits of implementing the system exceed its cost.

Zulkifli was afraid that Lim would influence the others with his views. These worksheets are used for decide whether the SAP is valuable for implementing. For intangible benefit, it means that benefit cannot easily measured in dollar. The time frame is from 22 January and must be finished before 1 April The gantt chart should be use on schedule the activity that need complete within 7 weeks.

Initial Investment Initial investment is the cost incurred to enter a project. This takes about only days and then they must perform feasibility study of SAP and capital budgeting analysis to get understanding regarding SAP which takes days. For implementing on SAP, our group decides choose several feasibility factors that are important toward the implementation.

The project will have a high risk on the development group meanwhile the user will have low familiar with the SAP system because never use it before. Then rally the support of your managers and the steering committee.

Therefore, Zulkifli need to have the motives for implementing the SAP system. Then, the system that already complete will be implement stages by stages within organization which takes the longest period which is days. Other than that, if there to be any changes during the implementation it will increase the duration of time and increase the cost.

During project initiation and planning, it will be impossible to define precisely all benefits and costs related to implementation.Prepare a Gantt Chart showing the different steps involved for SAP implementation.

Give your opinion on possibility of meeting the April deadline. Akademi Teknikal Laut Malaysia (ATLAM) was established on 15 August as to train and prepare Malaysians for the maritime industry which was. SAP for ATLAM Summary Termination of Mr. Lim A. Not rational to terminate Lim A loss for ATLAM once the SAP is successful to be implemented Negative impact to members.

As for ATLAM in implementation of SAP system, it is a must for identify and evaluate whether SAP system will perform effectively, reliable and capability of resources to utilize SAP system.

In addition, the risk assessment to access technical risk level of SAP system will be based on the following. SAP for Atlam - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. An accounting case study which features the company in study ATLAM.

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Its parent company suggests it to install the SAP software system in order to derive at a more cost-efficient operations. This report seeks to circumvent the issues that arise from the.

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Sap on atlam
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