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This will Thesis theme affiliate program you more insight on this program. ShareaSale is the company who is managing Thesis Affiliate program and they are one of the most reputed affiliate companies in the market.

Above tutorial is now outdated. If you are using Thesis theme and have not created your affiliate account, you can do so by using above link.

Thanks for making your Thesis skins available for free. You can create a free account on on ShareASale in next 4 minutes here.

PremiumCoding WordPress Themes Affiliate Program

Join ShareaSale for free Then, join with Thesis affiliate program. Do share this useful guide with your blogger friends on Facebook and Google plus. If a landing page is not appealing and simple enough, chances are high that users might leave right away. Even a prominent banner on sidebar, make your chances higher to make a sale.

If you have any question regarding Thesis affiliate program, feel free to know. No matter what I write it says: A landing page is something, where potential buyers will land after clicking on the link. Do let me know if you have any question about Thesis Affiliate Program?

There you will see lots of options, along with text links and banner ads. Join Thesis Affiliate program You can grab Thesis affiliate links and banners from shareasale account, when you will log into your account. First, you should sign up for ShareSale.

This is good news for bloggers who are looking to make money from affiliate marketing. Once you are inside your Thesis theme panelclick on promotion and banners. The best part is, anyone can join their aff. If you use WordPress, make sure you have ThirstyAffiliate WordPress pluginto make your ugly looking affiliate link into pretty links.

So you need to select the right landing page for your link. Uhm, you are still using it right? Later on I got to know about Thesis affiliate program, which turned out to be more lucrative than the theme itself.

The best thing is joining their affiliate program is free, and you will get all the promotional product to promote Thesis theme.

The Thesis Affiliate Program

Though the best promotion method for any affiliate product is by writing a post, this will give your readers an insight about the product.

You can also click on banners at the top to see thesis affiliate banners. One such program which I personally right and promote is Thesis WordPress theme. Since I use this theme and have seen the performance of this program, I can refer this theme to my readers.

I am very interested in the affiliate program.

As payout will be sent via ShareSale, so you will be receiving checks and there is no support for PayPal as if now. If yes whats the best thing you like about Thesis?

Thesis theme affiliate program - DIYthemes

Not sure when you had the problems as dates are not diplayed in the posts, but I just read through them all after donwloading the skin, looking to try it out myself, and then I came across your post and I think the last one you mentioned your main site, so I had a look over there hoping to find that you are still using the Affiliate skin, and well, I must say, if you do, you have done an excellent job!

The same problem that Lori had but luckily seemed to have solved:WordPress Themes Affiliate Program That is why we offer the highest commission percentage of any WordPress Theme company on the net. All affiliates receive 50% of each sale, which is nearly double the industry standard.

Join Thesis WordPress Theme Affiliate Program

When you join our affiliate program, you will be supplied with a range of banners and textual links that you place. Velocity is a premium Thesis Skin from Kolakube that comes with a sweet jQuery slider and other cool customization options. Resource Site for the Popular Thesis WordPress Theme. A tutorial on how to promote Thesis affiliate program. Yesterday I talked about how you can Make money With Thesis affiliate make sure you make the most out of this, here is a small guide this will help you to promote your first affiliate program.

Create a new income stream for yourself! Promote products that your audience will love and earn 35% commission per purchase + 25% on. Thesis Theme Resources including Thesis Tutorials, Thesis Skins, Thesis Customization Services, and a Thesis Showcase Gallery. Thesis Affiliate Program is good news for all bloggers who are looking to make money from affiliate marketing.

Thesis theme pays 33% flat commission per each sale and since it’s a reliable and well renowned theme, promoting Thesis theme is easy.

Thesis theme affiliate program
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