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Many households in urban areas have to cope with increasingly crowded conditions, although this is certainly not true for everyone. Moreover, they have a tendency to define environment in natural resource management terms, which can easily lead to ignoring the environmental health issues that are of particular concern to the urban poor.

The urban community encourages individuation. The Problem of Facilities: Social Problems Sparked by a series of federal and state government policies, including home buying subsidies provided by the GI Bill, massive road building projects and community planning designed around the car, Americans abandoned the cities for greener pastures in suburbia.

Again, this can easily detract from the local environmental threats that are of particular concern to the urban poor. Homelessness is a complex problem; the circumstances of homeless people vary greatly.

They cannot purchase houses nor can they afford high rent, so they live in unfit accommodation, as the rents demanded Urban issues essay such an accommodation is much low. The city life endangers the physical, mental and moral health of the people.

Operationally, a distinction is often made between two different approaches to environmental improvement: Increasing industrialisation and urbanisation have created slums in the city.

The fifth plan also included similar provisions. But if urban environmental problems are defined too narrowly, many of the generalizations noted in the introductory paragraph cease to be true. Most of the city dwellers do not want to get involved in others affairs even if others are involved in accidents, or are molested, assaulted, abducted and sometimes even murdered.

This scheme was started in In all examples, however, better urban practices and governance could help reduce the burdens, and it is this distinction that is most critical operationally. The economics and health costs of congestion and haphazard movement of traffic are very heavy, besides exposing commuters and pedestrians to a high risk of accidents.

Homelessness is often attributed to the characteristics of the homeless person, such as alcoholism and psychiatric illness; or to the social situation of homeless people, such as unemployment and marital breakdown this condition mostly happens with women in India.

This scheme was started in Septemberto provide houses to the labourers who worked before and There is poverty in the midst of plenty. They do not have access to ancestral residential land. Means to Overcome the Problem: The private sector, as the other partner, would be encouraged to take up the land for housing construction and invest in infrastructure facilities.

Cooperative sector and Public Housing Agencies are also being encouraged to share the responsibility of providing housing facilities.

Squatters usually build temporary shelters at first, but over time these settlements are given concrete shape and become more established. If people are not entitled to use the houses which exist, they may be homeless, even when there is no apparent shortage.

Broad definitions are employed to illustrate the importance of environmental issues but narrower definitions are used to construct environmental indicators, while still narrower definitions are typically employed to identify environmental programs and projects. Pressure from Northern environmentalists has been an important factor in convincing international development agencies to address environmental issues.

Urban Problems

For example, about 44 per cent of families in the urban areas live in one room only.Essay on Housing Problems in Urban Areas! Shelter is the basic human requirement. Even after 57 years of independence, the country is still grappling with.

Essay on Important Urban Problems – The process of industrialisation has added much to the phenomenal growth of cities.

Essay on Housing Problems in Urban Areas (1683 Words)

Due to the rapid industrialisation cities have grown in an unsystematic manner. Industrialisation and urbanisation have brought along with them many vices. 1. With reference to examples, assess the degree the economic development of a country affects planning and management in urban areas (40) The planning and management of urban areas covers several different issues present in all areas such as waste, sustainability and transport.

Urban areas face daunting economic challenges that have increased in scope in recent years. At the same time, cities provide exciting opportunities for growth and revitalization.

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Urban issues essay
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